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Taking Voice Lessons from a Trained Professional

If you are considering taking singing or voice lessons, we recommend that you first consider your goals. Whether you want to sing professionally, in a choir, or just improve your skills, you need to know what you want. That way, you have something to work toward, and you can also work on exercises and songs […]

The Top 3 Myths about Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Who doesn’t love music? Imagine being able to create music yourself! This is a thought that should appeal to most people, especially the young. Making music stimulates the mind, provides instant satisfaction, and creates wonderful mental connections that keep us sharp. Best of all, the pride of creating something as impressive as high-quality music is […]

Biography of Instructor Kevin Schultz

At Granger School of Music, we take our students beyond just learning a few songs. Instead, our modern approach to music teaches students how to create their own music. For those who want to learn, play, and create, guitar lessons from Kevin Schultz are a great option. Kevin is one of our talented instructors. He […]

Qualities of a Good Drum Instructor

Whether you’re seeking to fulfill a lifelong musical dream or find a summer program to your child’s liking, drum lessons can be a fun and fulfilling addition to your routine. At Granger School of Music, we know that the key to your progress when you want to learn to play the drums is a good instructor. It’s […]

Why You Should Think about Hiring a Vocal Coach

Some people go their entire lives without any particular interest in music, but most people like it in one form or another. Some of us go a step further and desire to make it ourselves, but making music and being good at making music are not always the same thing. Some of us may need […]

The Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons

If you are thinking about signing up for guitar lessons, then you have made a great choice. Whether you choose to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or both, there are many benefits to learning how to play this musical instrument. Once you start taking lessons, you can have fun with it and enjoy these 5 […]

4 Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons from a Professional

You may have heard a few pianists say that they taught themselves to play piano or that they just picked it up here and there or took online lessons. However, these types of pianists are very few and far between. The fact is that the majority of accomplished pianists have had years of piano lessons from professional […]