4 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Summer Guitar Lessons

A vacation from school doesn’t mean that your child has to take a break from learning. Summer break is an excellent time for your child to explore and develop new skills that they don’t get a chance to experience in an ordinary academic setting. One such learning opportunity that can have long-lasting benefits for your child is music lessons.

When it comes time to enroll in summer lessons, you and your child have a huge range of instruments to choose from. One of the most popular instruments out there is the guitar. While it certainly has its own set of challenges, as all instruments do, there are many reasons including the 4 we’ve outlined below why guitar lessons for kids may be the way to go this summer.

General Popularity

It can be hard to get children to stay motivated and happy with their choice of instrument. You may find that the inherent popularity of the guitar makes your job a little easier. Many children already have an interest in and a positive view of the guitar from seeing and hearing others play.


Part of what makes the guitar so well-liked is its ability to fit into just about any genre of music. Different guitar types and techniques provide a wide range of sounds and musical styles. Whether strumming basic chords around a campfire or participating in a jazz band, your child will be able to tailor their new skills to fit their interests.

Ease of Transportation

Guitars are relatively easy instruments to transport. They can fit in a car or on a bus with your child and do not necessarily weigh much or require accompanying equipment.

Preparatory Quality for Other Instruments

The guitar is a great way for children to start to learn a bit of music theory. The chords and patterns they learn will be a big help to them should they decide to pick up other instruments further down the road.

You will be able to decide together with your child which instrument is right for your child’s specific needs and interests. As you weigh your options, remember to keep the guitar in mind!

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