The Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons

If you are thinking about signing up for guitar lessons, then you have made a great choice. Whether you choose to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or both, there are many benefits to learning how to play this musical instrument. Once you start taking lessons, you can have fun with it and enjoy these 5 great benefits at the same time.

5 Benefits to Playing Guitar

  • Playing the guitar relieves stress. Doctors recommend that everyone finds at least one hobby that they can have some fun and relieve stress with. Doing this leads to improved mental and physical health. If you’ve had a rough day, all you’ll need to do is sit down with your guitar to clear your mind and relax.
  • Playing the guitar exercises your mind, protecting it from future deterioration. Learning new things makes new connections in your brain, and the challenge of learning to play a guitar is great for your cognitive development. Doing so has been proven to be beneficial for your long-term mental health.
  • Playing the guitar is fun, whether you are alone or with friends. You can sit at home and play your guitar or bring it out at a social gathering. Your friends will love to hear the songs you play, and you’ll have fun sharing your talent with them.
  • Playing the guitar can be a bit of a workout. You burn extra calories while playing and you’ll go a long way in strengthening your arms and hands.
  • A guitar is portable. Unlike many other instruments, you can bring your guitar with you wherever you go and play it as you feel is appropriate.

These 5 simple benefits can do a lot to improve your quality of life. You’ll enjoy playing guitar and love how you feel emotionally and physically. If you really love guitar and put the time into getting really good, you can even try making a career out of the hobby you have grown to love.

4 Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons from a Professional

You may have heard a few pianists say that they taught themselves to play piano or that they just picked it up here and there or took online lessons. However, these types of pianists are very few and far between. The fact is that the majority of accomplished pianists have had years of piano lessons from professional teachers. Here are the top 4 benefits of taking lessons from a professional piano teacher.


Professional teachers can offer something self-teaching and online courses can’t–years of experience. In addition to the actual years of playing the piano and taking lessons themselves, teachers often have professional performance experience with all types of music styles. This experience allows the teacher to tailor your piano education to your needs and music tastes and provide valuable tools for overcoming performance anxiety.


Many professional piano teachers, like Robyn Kemp, have received formal music education in music conservatories. This formal education not only hones performance skills, but ensures that your teacher knows effective piano pedagogical theories and methods so that you learn all the necessary components of piano playing, including theory, technique, and more.

Current Techniques

Professional teachers often belong to an organization that provides continuing education. This allows them to stay current on new methods and ensures that all learning styles are addressed using one-on-one lessons, videos, group performances, and other modern approaches. Those who enjoy experimenting will learn the fundamentals of music and piano in order to create and write music of their own.


Learning to play the piano has numerous benefits, including relaxation, brain development, eye-hand coordination, and help with depression and anxiety. However, many people learning piano on their own find that these benefits are not realized because they are inconsistent with practicing because they are not accountable to anyone. Regular lessons ensure accountability, which motivates students to work hard throughout the week in order to demonstrate improvement and eventual proficiency.